Meet Ashley & Brett - the wife & husband team who created Maxlow Candle Company!


Throughout their time together, they've both had this itch to "do more" and own their own business. So, with Ashley's love for candles and Brett's business mindset, candle making really fit the bill.

Ashley takes the reins when it comes to the creative side of the business. She has a background in design and naturally wants to make everything pretty. Labels, branding, and this website are just a few examples of her talents.

Some of her favorite things: thunderstorms, house plants, a good playlist & pizza.

Brett is the jack of all trades; he can do it all. With a background in restaurant management, you can imagine all the skills he's picked up along the way. Production is his specialty, but he also manages the finances, inventory, and orders. 

Some of his favorite things: baseball cards, bourbon, documentaries & ice cream.